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DDO Application - RixSosltice

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DDO Application - RixSosltice Empty DDO Application - RixSosltice

Post  RixSolstice on Mon Sep 29, 2014 12:10 am

1) Are you at least 30 years of age (exceptions may be made for those younger, on a case by case basis, so just be honest!) Yep. 34, father of two.

2) If you have a forum name on the official DDO forums, please provide it.


3) How would you best describe your playstyle while in party with others?

Chatty, having fun, a bit of a joker. I would totally be a Leeroy, with the right people. Except when I'm doing serious questing.

4) Why would you like to join Tyrs Paladium?

I was looking for a busy guild, wasn't really certain on what server. So I saw Tyrs Palladium recruiting... thought nothing of it, but kept you in mind. Then I looked for an LGBT guild. I'm bisexual and polyamorous, so it was kind of important. I saw one of your members respond to a post saying you were welcoming, and that kind of cemented it for me.

5) What are your expectations as a member of Tyrs Paladium?

To have a fun, drama free group that doesn't take everything too seriously. I never want the FUN of a game to go away... when that happens, it's time to find a different MMO.

6) Please tell us a little about yourself and your prior gaming experience.

I'm one of those 'try every MMO i can' people, though I have thankfully stayed far away from ToR. I'm currently an officer in Pax Virtus in FFXIV, and a community 'rector' for Pax Gaming as a whole (they're a multi-game guild that sadly doesn't have a presence in DDO). I have two kids, two spouses, two cats and a dog. I'm an aspiring writer looking to do contemporary and urban fantasy, as well as some high fantasy. I also have some published work of a less than ah... well, published writings that one wouldn't want their parents reading. Hey... I've made a couple thousand overall on it, so it's legitimate.

7) Briefly describe your most memorable moment while gaming.

World of Warcraft... classic, before Burning Crusade came along. Working with forty people to down Ragnaros, and after dozens of tries, seeing that hammer come down and crash into lava... the shrieking and hollering on Teamspeak was amazing.

8) How did you hear about Tyrs Paladium?

Through a recruitment post on the DDO forums.

9) Do you agree to abide by our Guild Rules?


10) List any other significant information here to be considered.

Uhh... I'll update as things go.


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DDO Application - RixSosltice Empty Re: DDO Application - RixSosltice

Post  Commodore on Tue Sep 30, 2014 1:07 am

Howdy Rix,

Thank you for filling out our questionnaire Rix. Please check your email for reply.

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Tyrs High Council - Tyrs DDO Chapter Guild Second/Co-Founder - Tyrs Webmaster and Recruiter

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